Tsubasa Crow bespoke carbon frame review

Tsubasa Crow bespoke carbon frame review

Tsubasa is a small UK-based bespoke framebuilder that works exclusively with carbon fibre. Every part of the frame is fashioned in Tsubasa’s London workshop, allowing for a high level of customisation. The result is exactly what anyone would expect for an exotic composite frame: lightweight, exceptionally responsive, and very expensive. Here is Australian tech editor Matt Wikstrom’s review of Tsubasa’s Crow.

Edvinas Vavilovas, the man behind Tsubasa, has travelled a circuitous route to become a framebuilder. After growing up in Lithuania during the final years of its struggle for independence from the Soviet Union, he earned two degrees, one in design and another in architecture. He also spent some time working with composites in the aerospace industry before he started thinking about building bikes.

Establishing Tsubasa in 2011 was in some ways a selfish exercise as he sought to indulge his passion for cycling while finding an enterprise that would not dilute his personal expression. After so many years of collaborating on architectural projects, he was desperate to find autonomy.

With this in mind, it’s not really surprising that Edvinas was intent on taking responsibility for every aspect of frame production. “No third parties” is his mantra as he crafts every part of Tsubasa’s frames with meticulous care. It’s an approach that adds time and effort but he believes the end result justifies the means.

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