The Midas Touch

Taking inspiration from Greek mythology, our latest run of bottom brackets is named after King Midas, who wished for everything he touched to turn into GOLD. While that was not the brightest idea in retrospect, we decided to be selective and send out our mini collection with hints of GOLD, yet remaining the quality of steel and ceramics in our bearings.

The GOLD collection consists of BSA-24 road, BSA-24 mtb, PF30-24, BB86-24 and BB86-30 to cover our most popular bottom bracket options. The bottom brackets will be built to order, which leaves a free choice of road or all weather seals for you.

In order to complete the look, we have developed matching sets of GOLD pulley covers, which are an additional item to be sold with a pulley set. The GOLD covers are available for all Kogel pulley configurations and we have a number of sets available NOW. To order, email us at or visit the shop to place an order.