Handske Gloves Size Guide

Handske Gloves are made to fit snug on your hands, think of the latex gloves common in the food industry. This extra lean fit will prevent the palm panels from bunching up between your hands and grips and provide the best bar feedback. If you prefer a more loose fitting, simply size up.

To find the right fit, measure your hands from the tip of your middle finger to the crease in your wrist. It is the middle of the fold when you tilt your hand forward or backward.

Then use a tape measure and a piece of string and measure your hand around the widest part, across the finger joints, not including the thumb. If your length and width fall in different sizes, follow the larger of the two.

Handske glove sizes

InchesWidth (W)Length (L)
S7" - 8"7" - 7.5"
M8" - 9"7.5" - 8"
L9" - 10"8" - 8.5"
XL10" - 11.25"8.5" - 9.1"

CentimetersWidth (W)Length (L)
S17.8 - 20.317.8 - 19.0
M20.3 - 22.919.0 - 20.3
L22.9 - 25.420.3 - 21.6
XL25.4 - 28.621.6 - 23.1

Handske Gloves: Now You See Me – Red

£34.99 £19.80

The end of boring cycling gloves!

Aren’t you tired of good gloves with dull designs, or good looking gloves that just don’t fit right? Handske matches your mood or gear with reliable performance. Whether you’re shredding single-track or ripping the city streets, you deserve stylish protection.

To find your fit, please check this size guide:
Size Guide

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Handske Gloves: Now You See Me - Red

The Now You See Me cycling gloves are the very first pair we ever designed. What’s in a name? The print is inspired by the classic houndstooth pattern.

This pair of long finger gloves features our standard tech giving you:

∙ confidence inspiring silicone-printed palms
∙ touch screen sensitivity for hassle-free connectivity
∙ understated or bold graphics complimenting your favourite kits and gear
∙ gnar control with our extra-lean fit
∙ full-size terrycloth sweat wipe for staying cool when things heat up

Available in a range of seasonal colours, the H-block pattern is bold and timeless. We chose it as our iconic print to be a suitable companion on all your adventures.


• Silicone Printed Palm
• Full Size Terrycloth Thumb
• Touch Screen Compatibility
• Extra Lean Fit
• Neoprene Cuffs

Glove Benefits

Hidden technology. The details that make Handske gloves awesome are not always obvious. There’s so much hidden technology right in the palm of your hands.

Our handworthy gloves features innovative designs and tech like silicon-printed palms for better grip, stylish AND protective full-finger protection, touch-screen compatibility and a full-size terrycloth thumbs to clear the view. The velcro free cuffs provide stability to your wrists and don’t mess up your jersey fabric in the wash.

Basically, our gloves were designed by cyclists who depend on the right fit and want something easy on the eyes protecting their hands.


All Handske Gloves are covered by a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. We are a company that is not too fond of fine print and legal talk, so if you are for any reason feel that somthing is not right with your purchase, just talk to us. We tend to be flexible and admit our mistakes.

To put this a little bit into brackets: crashes, rips and what we would consider normal wear and tear are not warranty cases. The Handske Gloves warranty is limited to repair, replacement or refund of the products you bought from us..

Taking care of your Handske gloves
Your Handske Gloves arrived clean in a Ziploc bag and nothing feels better than slipping on new gear and looking fresh to death on the Sunday ride. But let’s face it: mud, dust and wiping sweat of your face probably makes them look less attractive by the end of the day. Here are some valuable tips on how to keep your Handskes in top shape. Nanotechnology fabric was selected as the best invention in the field of fashion for 2016.


Like your jersey and any product containing lycra, it is not good to have your gloves hang out in your gear bag or the back of the truck. Sweat contains a lot of salt and salt destroys fabrics. As soon as you come home from the ride, make kit cleaning part of the recovery process. Pro tip: if you don’t have a chance to wash your gloves immediately, jump in the shower with all your gear on. Rinse your kit and leave it to drip dry until you can do a proper wash.


Our labels say Hand Wash Only for good reason. Machines are rough on gloves. Use a mild detergent and warm water, if it is too hot for your hands, it is too hot for your gloves. Carefully rub the gloves together to remove stains. Rinse the gloves and squeeze out the water without wringing them. Then leave them to hang dry.


Use a laundry bag for small items (Tip for men: if someone in your household washes expensive bras, you probably already own one. Ask questions). Turn the gloves inside out to protect the print. Use a program for delicates and cold water. Go easy on the spin, high RPMs put a lot of stress on your gloves. Do not mix fragile items with heavy items. Zips and rivets in jeans will wreak havoc on your synthetic gloves. Mix the gloves with the cycling jerseys and bibs, shoe covers with heavy zips can go in the next load with the jeans.


Do not use it! Dryers use a lot of heat and the synthetic leather palms and lycra parts of your Handske gloves are no fans. Excessive heat dries out the leather, making it stiff and fragile for your next ride. Elastane (the stuff that makes your spandex stretchy) dries out and breaks after frequent use in the dryer. Hang your gloves to dry in the shade instead.
We aim to dispatch your order within 24 hours of it being placed.

UK & Ireland Delivery
– Deliveries are FREE for all UK orders over £200.
– Please allow up to 4 working days for delivery.

EU* Delivery
– Deliveries are FREE for all EU* orders over £300.
– Please allow up to 6 working days for delivery.
* Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to German speaking countries for contractual reasons.


I purchased something and its not working
Contact us! There is a good chance that something is installed backwards or we need to make a little tweak to your setup. In all cases we will have a couple of technical questions, which are so much easier to handle over the phone.

If you received a faulty product, please remember that Kogel and R Squared Industries strives for a best-in-industry warranty.

I don’t like this product
Call or contact us and we will take care of you.

How does it work?
Before you send anything back to our office, it would be good that we know it’s coming. Call, email, instant message and R Squared Industries will provide you with return instructions. We are not the types to waste time, so returns are typically processed quickly and we will contact you.

Lifetime Warranty applies to original owners only (valid proof of purchase required). If one of our F3 products fails due to a manufacturing defect we will replace it without charge at our discretion. Only original, unaltered and unmodified items and craftsmanship are covered. This warranty does not cover crash damage, improper care, improper installation or negligence.

F3 design and manufacture products to very strict tolerances and quality expectations. Post manufacturing products are inspected and assembled – by hand. We understand that crashes and mishaps happen and would gladly like to hear the stories. We also have very keen eyes when reviewing our babies – we can identify scratch marks made by angry pliers, damage done by the winging-it installation method. Detailed instructions & videos can be found online and on the website and packaging for good reason.

Warranty does not cover damage to phones, computers, lights, or cameras, caused by improper installation, or improper use, or a failed F3 Cycling part. User assumes that risk. Sales tax, shipping on returns, VAT etc are not covered by R2 Industries.

If the glove you have purchased does not fit or isn’t right for you then you can return in original packaging for a full refund.

Please note that any returns requested for refund must have the garments in resellable condition: hang tags and packaging must be present and undamaged.

If you decide to trail test the gloves, they are no longer resellable and we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Nobody likes getting used gloves in the mail!


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